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Inara Garrett

My work is characterized by my sensitive, positive, and patient approach towards horse and rider development.  The goal is to create confident riders and horses with a well-rounded classical foundation and trusting relationship, ready to succeed in any discipline.  Many of the activities embedded in traditional training, riding or competing have the potential to cause serious adverse impacts on horse welfare.  I encourage horses and humans to grow, learn, and engage with each other and their environments in playful and fun ways, and provide you with the skills to improve your communication, relationship, and performance with your equine partner. 

I place deep value on the ethical and moral issues inherent in caring for and interacting with a living being.  I obtained an honours degree in psychology and neuroscience from the University of Guelph and my academic work has greatly influenced my work and life philosophy.  Evidence based ethological and neuropsychological information about horse behaviour is becoming more accessible and I am overjoyed that many owners and riders are starting to question how they interact with another sentient and conscious species, when that interaction is often based on restricting and directing the behavioural repertoire of one species in order to meet the social and emotional needs of the other.   More specifically, I am very happy to see many people give more consideration to the behavioural implications of how they ride and manage their horses.  I view horses as complex individuals with autonomy, dignity, and distinct personalities. I treat them as such, with integrity and respect throughout their care and training.  

I have extensive experience in the horse industry, having worked for some of the top ranked riders in the world and travelled across Europe and North America for competitions.  I emphasize correct training, aiming for a slow build up of confidence and skills.  

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Resume Highlights

2014-Present  Ontario, Canada.   Freelance Rider and Trainer

2014  Wales, UK.  Home rider for Powersport Horses

2013  Belgium, EU  Manager and home rider for Karin Donckers, 6x olympic eventer

2010-2013  Ontario, Canada & Wellington, Florida   FEI show groom for Beth Underhill and Jay Hayes, 2x olympic show jumpers

2012  Bachelor of Arts and Science (Honours) in Neuroscience and Psychology, University of Guelph

Publications:  Jacklin D, Cloke J, Potvin A, Garrett I, Winters B, (Jan 2016) The dynamic multisensory engram: neural circuitry underlying crossmodal object recognition in rats changes with the nature of object experience, Journal of Neuroscience

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